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Total Body Toning: Gym Plan & Nutrition Guide (PDF eBook)


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The title doesn’t leave much mystery but the plan itself does. The Total Body Toning plan’s magic will reveal your fantastic body hiding beneath that soft layer covering it – in only 8 weeks.

Get Fit at Home Workout Program
Detailed workout program
with 42 unique visual workout routines
Get Fit at Home Workout Program
Print or view workouts on any device
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Get Fit at Home Workout Program
Easy-to-follow nutrition guide
to design a balanced diet you'll love

This intermediate workout plan doesn’t require much to have the desired effect, simply:

  • A gym
  • A volunteer
  • An ounce of dedication

From there, the route is mapped out and the destination draws closer every day.

Containing a variety of workouts built up of circuit, sculpting, loosening, high and low-intensity exercises, this plan never has a dull moment, except for when the workouts are over. The start of each week brings new challenges and the end of each week meets new goals.

With this Total Body Toning plan, three things are guaranteed: sweat, fun and results!

The simple nutrition guide will teach you the essential information to design your own balanced diet you will enjoy following:

  • Carbs, protein and fat: their roles and how much of them you should be eating
  • How to set your weight goal and find your progress point
  • Which supplements should you take
  • Sample meals plans for fat loss, toning and muscle gain

Plus training tips on when to work out, how to breathe during workouts and stick to your training plan.

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