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The Transformer: Toning Gym Plan & Nutrition Guide (PDF eBook)


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Shed extra pounds and tone your whole body in just weeks with easy-to-follow illustrated gym workouts, training advice and a simple nutrition guide you will enjoy following.

Get Fit at Home Workout Program
Detailed workout program
with 42 unique visual routines
Get Fit at Home Workout Program
Print or view workouts on any device
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Get Fit at Home Workout Program
Easy-to-follow nutrition guide
to design a balanced diet you'll love

Designed for gym novices, this plan is a great place to begin if you’d like to permanently say goodbye to love handles, thunder thighs and wobbly bellies – but it going to be a challenging program. A challenge that you will overcome and begin to transform your body.

Over the upcoming 8 weeks, you’ll be taking on a delightful mix of fitness-improving circuit routines, fat-stripping cardio sessions and frame-toning full-body workouts. Nobody wants a boring gym routine, which is why this plan has been designed to include fun, dynamic and progressive workouts that will leave your fat begging for mercy and your body crying for more.

The simple nutrition guide will teach you the essential information to design your own balanced diet you will enjoy following:

  • Carbs, protein and fat: their roles and how much of them you should be eating
  • How to set your weight goal and find your progress point
  • Which supplements should you take
  • Sample meals plans for fat loss, toning and muscle gain

Plus training tips on when to work out, how to breathe during workouts and stick to your training plan.

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