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Premium Suede Yoga Sequence Mat with Carrying Strap

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Back by popular demand after selling our original 200-mat production – behold the beautiful suede-top rubber yoga mat with four guided yoga sequences printed on it for effortless practice at home or on the road!

Great for beginners and seasoned yogis alike, this unique yoga mat makes it simple and effortless to practice yoga regularly – no need to fiddle with a computer or TV to find a sequence to follow, no need to memorize various flows and certainly not wing your practice with random poses πŸ˜… Just roll out your mat, choose one of the professionally-designed balanced sequences and start!

  • Easy-to-follow yoga poses with crisp vivid printing
  • Microfiber suede surface feels soft and luxurious
  • Anti-slip rubber bottom offers stability and comfort
  • Beautiful water-resistant and easy-to-clean mat will last you ages
  • Lightweight and compact makes it ideal for travel
  • Companion website with pose instructions and bonus content

Bundled with a convenient carrying strap, the yoga mat features four balanced yoga sequences suitable to all levels:

  • Energize & Awaken Dynamic Flow – With poses that tend to stimulate the nervous system, this sequence will enable you to tap into your own natural source of energy – perfect for sluggish mornings or anytime you need an energy boost.
  • Traditional Sun Salutation – Best done early morning on an empty stomach, this classic version of the Sun Salutation will stretch and warm up your entire body.
  • Strength & Balance Toning Sequence – Build full-body strength and improve your balance with this dynamic sequence.
  • Stretch & Relax Hip-Opening Flow – Relax and stretch your entire body after a long day at work or a dynamic workout. This practice is also beneficial for the reproductive system.

Dimensions: 24 Γ— 68" (61 Γ— 173cm)

Made in the USAΒ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  • Buy with peace of mind 😌

    With us, you are buying an original high quality product trusted by over 85,000 yogis and exercise enthusiasts around the world. And if for some reason you are not in love with your purchase, we have a simple return policy. So you can shop stress free :)

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